Sterling Silver, International Silver, Silverplated Holloware
Sterling Silver, International
Silver, and Silver Plated
Here you will find that
elusive  treasure you have
been searching for such as
Sterling Silver, International
Silver, and Silver Plated
Holloware. Featuring
Wallace Italian Sterling
Silver Venezia,Wallace
Sterling Silver,Grande
Baroque Sterling Silver,
Hazorfim Sterling Silver,
International Silver Spring
Flower, International  Silver
Lord Saybrook,International
Silver Countess,
International Silver
Exquisite International
Silver Magic Rose, Internal
Silver Rochambeau,
International Silver
Victorian Rose. Some are
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$25.00 anywhere in United
States including Alaska and

International Silver started as a combination of 14 of America's greatest silver manufacturers. During the colonial period, the predominant form of silverware was pewter.
In 1847, Rogers Brothers introduced a line of "electroplated" silver pieces. The formula for producing a durable, plated flatware had taken many years to perfect. Meriden                
Britania and Rogers Brothers decided it would be to the advantage of all to organize a cartel of silverware manufacturers. The merger of 1898 proved to be efficient and  
successful. In 1976, the making of Sterling holloware was discontinued and International Silver's plated holloware division was sold to Oneida. Both International Silver
and Wallace Silver are now owned by Syratech Corporation.